Yoghurt in the glass jar


Made with love from the best quality of milk and the most exquisite ingredients.

Strawberry 500g
Vanilla 500g
Cherry 500g
Stracciatella 500g
Apricot 500g
Blackberry 500g
Hazelnut 500g
Raspberry 500g
Blueberry 500g
Lemon-Lime 500g
Peach-Maracuja 500g

Yoghurt on Fruit


Yoghurt from Landliebe milk on top of generous amounts of fresh fruit.

Yoghurt on Strawberry 150g
Yoghurt on Peach-Passion Fruit 150g
Yoghurt on Blueberry 150g
Yoghurt on Raspberry 150g
Yoghurt on Cherry 150g
Yoghurt on Blackberry 150g

Natural Yoghurt


Creamy pleasure, natural yoghurt made with love from selected farms.

Yoghurt 3.8% fat 200g